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Sunday, February 19, 2006


I like to do experiments whenever possible there is a great product out there called Snap Grids Jr.
I only paid $30 for it, but my daughter gets to do over 100 electricity experiments. It is Sunday
and she is still learning. My husband is doing these projects with her as he is the electical genuis of the family. I hear music coming from her electric board & she came in here to show me how by simply pushing a button she can make a fan three inches away fly into the air. This product is verrrry cool.

Great Homeschooling Books for Girls

My daughter who is nine loves the American Girl books, and is currently reading the Kaya series.
She will be reading Felicity next as we are heading into the American Revolution. Lynne Cheney
has written a great book called When Washington Crossed The Delaware which is a personal favorite of mine. It is such a pleasure to share with my child the history of our country.

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